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To spread more awareness of self- love, #ProjectInnerVoice is now having its own website which can be the platform for everyone who wants to share their own stories about the journey of pursuing self-love. is a safe platform and place for everyone to share their struggles, insecurities, vulnerabilities, and the ups and downs of pursuing self-love or simply, the journey of becoming a better version of oneself.

Share your stories about anything that relates to pursuing self-love, reaching the state of calmness, or your journey of becoming a better person through any kind of self-development wisdom!

Here are the guidelines to submit your story:

  • Stories can be written in the form of articles, prose, or poetry in English.
  • The minimum words of an article are 500 words, while there are no minimum words for poetry/poem submission.
  • Feel free to write any topics as long as it’s related to our theme, which is Self-love or Self-development.
  • As this is a support community, there is no material reward as the exchange of your published stories.
  • Anonymity is accepted and if you wish not to publish your name as the story submitter, just let us know.
  • Your confidentiality is protected as we won’t share any personal pieces of information about you publicly.

Submit your story by sending it to!

We will let you know when your story is approved and will be published on our site.

Happy writing and by writing down your mind, we hope that you will love yourself and reach calmness even more!