Created in January 2019, #ProjectInnerVoice or The Project Inner Voice is a campaign which is advocating the importance of self-love and mental health awareness, especially among girls within their young adulthood.

#ProjectInnerVoice was initiated by Rayi Noormega or @raranoormega, a Psychology graduate who lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is currently working as a UX Writer in one of the online marketplaces in Indonesia. Living her 20s, she tries to always remind herself to love herself despite her pasts and future setbacks.

#ProjectInnerVoice started as a campaign in @raranoormega’s Instagram and Pinterest which the self-love message was shared through a collection of artworks and illustrations, like these:

To spread more awareness of self- love, #ProjectInnerVoice is now having its own website which can be the platform for everyone who wants to share their own stories about the journey of pursuing self-love.

ProjectInnerVoice.com is a safe platform and place for everyone to share their struggles, insecurities, vulnerabilities, and the ups and downs of pursuing self-love or simply, the journey of becoming a better version of oneself.

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