Growing, Blooming, Becoming


Isn’t it amazing to realize that just like the trees and the flowers, you’re actually growing everyday? 

Despite the storm and the chaos, you’re making your own way to be here, today. Despite the despair, you still have the capability to see yourself as a set of opportunities and new memories. You are becoming a person who you’re supposed to be, no matter how hard and how far you are from your ultimate goals. 

That for one second, when you put your hand in your chest, you feel your heart is beating fine accordingly. You are breathing in and breathing out, your lungs are inhaling the life you’ve been living since you were a child and exhaling the things you need to let go. 

That for one second, you realize that being alive is providing you a chance to change, to grow, to survive, to break down, to rise up, and to try again one more time. 

Your body is a universe which has its own past, present, and future as it is the host of your beautiful soul since you were born. How each scar is capable of making a brand new person out of you.

And despite all the mess, you always have courage to stand strong. You always have the nerve to pick your shattered heart over again and you pick up things where you left off. 

Each time the wind hits you hard and the universe is collapsing within your grip, please tell yourself to breathe. Tell yourself to take one day at a time. That there is no one is chasing you as you are exactly where you need to be.

That it’s actually okay to feel so fine in one day and yet breaking down in the next. That after all, you are allowed to be in a state of being a work in progress instead of completing the challenges ahead of you.

That you always have a chance to build yourself up again, stronger this time. Build your spine, taller this time. Build your heart, tender this time. Start over again, wiser this time. 

So, whenever life brings you down and tears your heart apart, tell yourself that you’ve always been surviving this whole time and you’ve been befriending the chaos within you.

Whenever you want to give up, remember that the most magnificent result can be created out of chaotic destruction, just like the universe. This time, allow yourself to be magnificent and chaotic at the same moment. 

And you, my dear, is already a whole magnificent universe.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

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