A Self-Compassion Note: Some Words for A Heart Less Heavy


If you woke up today feeling blue, please remember that you only have 24 hours ahead of you to feel that way. 

You only have 24 hours to feel that your life is falling apart, your heart is shattered in pieces, and you hate the world that you live in. You only have 24 hours to hate your life, simply because you might feel and think differently the next day. In fact, maybe you will feel differently in less than 24 hours.

Please remember that whatever you’re going through right now, it will surely pass. Maybe not now, but in due time, it will pass. Without your concern, you will look back and realize that you’ve made it through. 

You will realize that you’re bigger, stronger, and braver than you used to be. You will realize that the thing which made you suffer, was actually something minor and wasn’t even worth your tears. Before tomorrow comes, remind yourself that you’ve unexpectedly grown wiser today.

Remember those moments when you thought that you wouldn’t survive, but you did. Remember those days when you felt like you don’t even want to wake up, but you conquered the day.

Also, remember those times when you lost the way and felt so confused, but eventually, you found yourself again. Appreciate the way you could bear all the wounds and manage to heal it by time.

Forgive yourself for taking those wrong decisions which led you to countless lessons about life. Remember that it took a while to finally find the right way to live your life and to find who you truly are.

Forgive yourself for choosing the wrong person to love. Never regret the way you fell deeply in love with that person who couldn’t understand how to love a work of art like you. 

Sometimes, you need to know how it truly feels to chase after someone who doesn’t deserve you just so you know how worthy you are. Never kill the flower that grows inside of you for someone who doesn’t see the way it blooms.

Make mistakes and repeat them until you learn and won’t make the same mistakes over again. Face your biggest fears. Try something new each day. Learn and fail. Succeed and start over again. Don’t settle for less than what you truly deserve. 

And what you truly deserve is this whole universe. You deserve to soar the world. To go in a great distance until you reach into the point of being enough. You deserve to learn until you know that what you’re looking for is inside you all along. That the answers to make you at peace are already within you. 

You, my dear, deserve to know the feeling of acceptance. 

You deserve to know how it feels to truly accept what this life offers you. The ups and downs. The disappointments. The way your heart breaks apart and the way you break others.

You deserve to learn to accept the way you lose hope and the way you find strength in between the despair. The way you forgive yourself, mend your heart, and the way you stand up and come back stronger than before. 

And you, my dear, deserve the whole universe.  

May your wishes will be granted soon. May you’ll hear some good news in the next few days or even hours. May whatever you’ve dreamed of, or waited for, will come to you in the near future. May everything comes at the right time.

May you get what you need and that’s also what you’ve always wanted for a  long time. May the universe always gives you the strength to struggle. May it gives you patience and endurance until you find what you’re looking for.

Tomorrow and for the days ahead, I wish you nothing but to be kind and love yourself even more than before. 

Photo by kevin laminto on Unsplash

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