When You’re Losing Hope in Healing— Remember Faith is Always There


If you’re reading this, maybe right now you’re in the situation where everything goes wrong; whether you’ve failed on something that you extremely wanted to pursue, your loved ones gone, or worse, you don’t have anyone to trust again.

Life is extremely challenging until your heart was crushed, shattered, and the pain seems like forever. In this exact moment, you will forget the feeling of happiness and all you want to do is waiting until your life will be aligned again just the way you’ve always wanted.

I won’t say that you will see the silver lining or ‘the sun will rise’ again tomorrow. No, I won’t give those cheesy quotes because I know it can’t mend the heart which is full of wounds.

I know exactly the feeling when the world is crashing down upon your shoulder until you can’t sleep even though you are extremely tired. I know that feeling when you are completely alone and suffering but you don’t know how to ask for help.

I know how it feels to be just like you; the feeling when everything doesn’t fall into place and just like your heart, life has shattered into pieces. I know you are hurting and I’m sorry. I know you are confused and lost. Because so do I.

What if actually, people like us are extraordinary?

People like us, the ones who brave enough to fight our own battles without asking any help and we’re still breathing until today, are the people who were born with the greatest gift that God gave to human beings.

Not everybody can make it until today, but you and your wounded heart have survived; with or without anyone’s support. People like you made me believe that a superhero is real.

That moment when you feel like you’re fighting on your own towards something which is too challenging until you want to give up is the moment when God is actually giving His trust to you.

He believes that you are beyond able to pass through that thing which makes your life turns black and white.

He knows exactly that your strength is more powerful than other people out there and that was the reason He gave you this big thing which makes you suffered.

God wants you to be an example for other people who nearly give up.

When those people see you; they will think twice upon their decisions to end their lives, they will look for a way to solve their problems; they gain hope.

When they see you hold on for just one more day, you’re actually giving them a little faith towards the universe that eventually everything will work out fine. Not everyone has that faith but you.

So, when you’ve failed 50 times right now, please try again tomorrow for the 51st time.

When your loved ones are gone, please believe that they are going nowhere but living in your heart. When you have a broken heart, please believe that it will be mended someday. All you need is a little faith; nothing more and nothing less.

It might take some days, weeks, months, or years for you to be alright again and it’s okay. I won’t sugar coat things; life is terrible and many bad things will happen without warnings.

But relax, God has guaranteed that after difficulty there is easy.

You just need to have faith; a little faith that eventually, the universe will work out fine. A faith that makes you able to get through one day at a time.

I won’t say that the sun will rise soon, because you are the sun itself and you will arise sooner or later. Take your time, take as much time as you can until you are ready to rise up against the wind for one more day.

Deep down from my heart, I wish you can live with the pain until your heart heal.

Photo by Analise Benevides on Unsplash


2 Replies to “When You’re Losing Hope in Healing— Remember Faith is Always There”

  1. i’m literally crying at my office table. this is so reassuring, so beautiful. As usual you made me calm down. thank you so much Rayi, you’re such a blessing.

    1. aww, you’re too kind. you’re very much welcome, kettner. i’m looking forward to your next beautiful submission 🙂

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